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Questions about SoundClub? Check out our FAQs to get answers.



  • Why Sound Club?

    We have a vision. Sennheiser wants you to enjoy your music to the fullest without investing in expensive high quality headphones. Sound Club is a pilot program that gives you access to an array of high-end headphones featuring the latest technology.

  • How do I get my headphones?

    You can pick up your headphones at our flagship store in San Francisco’s Union Square or have them shipped anywhere in California.

  • How long will it take to get my headphones if I select shipping?

    It takes between 2 to 5 business days. Once your product has shipped, you'll receive an email with a tracking number so you can keep an eye out for it.

  • Will I receive new or used headphones?

    At launch, subscribers will always receive new headphones. For sustainability reasons, we are looking into offering refurbished headphones in the future.

  • Why don’t we offer all Sennheiser headphones?

    This pilot program is intended to let you experience optimal audio at a reasonable price. That is why we’re offering our premium headphones in a price range between $300-$500. If you are interested in receiving less expensive headphones for a lower monthly fee (or our higher priced audiophile headphones for a higher fee), please let us know and we’ll look into it.

  • How often can I exchange my headphones?

    You can exchange your headphones for a different model once per month.

  • Can you help me pick the best headphones?

    Our Product Page recommends headphones based on your lifestyle.

  • Will other Sennheiser models be made available?

    Different models of Sennheiser headphones may be available through Sound Club depending on demand. Some brand new models will become available in the future, ensuring you always have the hottest headphone technology.

  • Why is this not on Sennheiser.com?

    Because this pilot program is only in California, we created a separate website to able to iterate and change as fast as possible to whatever we find out.

  • What happens to the headphones I return?

    The headphones will be cleaned and if needed repaired and will be sold as refurbished models through our other sales channels.

  • What if the headphones are damaged or broken?

    All headphones are under manufacturer warranty for as long as you subscribe and will be repaired or replaced at no charge. We trust you to keep care of our amazing headphones.

  • What happens if my headphones are lost or stolen?

    You will be charged the retail value of the headphones. If you would like to have an insurance option for loss or theft, let us know and we’ll look into it.

  • How do I cancel my membership?

    You may cancel your membership at any time by clicking Cancel on your account page, then follow the steps. Headphones must be returned using the shipping label provided via e-mail or in-person at our San Francisco store. Please include all accessories and the original Sennheiser box when returning your headphones, both via mail or in-person. Your subscription is effectively cancelled once we receive your headphones. If you do not return your headphones, your membership will continue and you will get charged every month until we receive your headphones.

  • How do I change headphones?

    You can change headphones every 30 days by clicking on 'My Account', then click on 'Change' and follow the steps. You will be asked to select the new headphones you want and how you will return the ones you currently have. If you choose to exchange via mail, we will e-mail you a free return label to send back your current headphones. We will ship you your new pair as soon as we receive your headphones. If you prefer an in-person exchange, you can swap the headphones in our Sennheiser store in San Francisco. Please make sure to include all accessories and the original Sennheiser box you received with your headphones.

  • I love my headphones so much I want to buy them. Is that possible?

    Sure! Just click Cancel My Subscription and select ‘I like my headphones so much I want to buy them’. We will send you an e-mail within 48 hours with a discount to buy the headphones you have/use.

  • What do I need to include when I return my headphones?

    When returning headphones (in person or via mail), please include the Sennheiser box, the carrying bag if your headphones or earbuds came with one, and all cables you received. (If you lost the booklet or manual, don't worry about it.)


  • How does Active Noise Cancelling work?

    Noise cancelling headphones work by identifying the frequencies of noise outside the headphones and creating the exact opposite frequencies. The two sets of frequencies cancel each other out so the brain thinks that no noise is present. There will always be a very low "white noise" effect, considered to be silent because most people are used to having background noise present in everyday life. If your hearing is very attuned, you may be more aware of this "white noise" when there’s no music playing. However, whenaudio is present in the headphones, the "white noise" is completely covered over and usually not detected by the human ear. Please check out this video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EwkaRvIduw) which will show some of our Noise Cancelling models in action. The model shown may be different, but the concept is the same. NOTE: Noise cancelling is most effective for repetitive low level frequencies (like engine noise) but will not block higher level frequencies (like people talking) that exist in the same range as the music you are listening to.

  • What is NoiseGard™?

    Air and train travel can be particularly tiring, as passengers on board of a plane are often exposed to a continuous noise level of up to 80 dB/SPL. Sennheiser's patented NoiseGard™ technology makes travelling as relaxed as possible by letting you enjoy music in peace. The innovative NoiseGard™ system offers travelers a choice of three noise-cancelling profiles,each optimized for the different types of surrounding noise encountered while travelling.

  • What is the difference between “closed” and “open” ear cups?

    The most common “closed” headphone have a hard barrier between the outside world and the speaker in your headphones. This prevents outside noise from getting in, and your music from leaking out. The disadvantage is an extremely slight resonance as sound inside your headphones reflects off the hard back. An open headphones avoids adverse resonating effects in the ear cup, thus offering best possible sound reproduction with the utmost in transparency. The trade-off is that sound will leak out at high volumes while outside noise can more easily filter in.. Open or closed, all our headphones sound great!

  • Over ear headphones vs. on ear headphones?

    It really depends on personal preference. Over ear headphones reduce more ambient noise while on ear headphones are smaller and more portable. On ear headphones tend to be more comfortable for most people while over ear headphones usually sound better.

  • What does NFC™ Near Field Communication mean?

    Near-field communication (NFC) is a set of communication protocols that allows for faster Bluetooth pairing between Sennheiser headphones and your music-playing device.

  • What if my Bluetooth isn’t working?

    Most Sennheiser Bluetooth headphones utilize this A2DP profile as it allows for the best audio transmission to provide you with the best audio quality. If the device you are connecting to does not support A2DP, there may be connectivity issues. Most Bluetooth chipset manufacturers offer firmware updates to allow the A2DP profile to be utilized.

  • Can I listen to a TV with Bluetooth headphones?

    We only recommend Bluetooth headphones for TV watching if the latency of the transmission is sufficiently low, e.g. when transmitter/audio source and headphone both support aptX Low Latency or similar.