SoundClub is no longer

SoundClub is no longer available.

About SoundClub

SoundClub was a headphone subscription test program by Sennheiser, which has now come to an end. Our vision is to democratize access to true high-end audio by making it available at a price that is affordable for everyone. We believe that anyone should be able to discover high-quality headphones and be given the chance to use the best and latest audio technology.With over 70 years spent “shaping the future of audio,” including the world’s first open-style audiophile headphone, it’s no wonder the world’s top musical talent trust Sennheiser.

Whether it’s EDM star Calvin Harris sporting our headphones in front of 100,000 fans, multi-platinum vocalist Adele choosing our microphones for her world tour, or the record-breaking “David Bowie is” exhibit using our innovative guidePORT audio system to wow viewers around the globe, Sennheiser offers the ultimate audio experience when music matters most.

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